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Nikki_Giovanni_letter.pdf   ” - Nikki Giovanni

— Letter

SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 13, 2011 Cynthia Williams - Blessed Speechless Cynthia WilliamsBlessed Speechless(self-release 2011)By Bob Marovich for The Black Gospel Blog."You soar with love and caring."That's what poet Nikki Giovanni had to say about Cynthia Williams, a fine contemporary gospel vocalist who is now based in Atlanta but was once a member of R&B groups in the Chicago area. Williams' soprano does soar, evoking a gentler Deniece Williams, but without the dog-whistle high notes. The singer came to prominence in the gospel arena after her duet with the late Pastor C.L. Fairchild on a late 1980s recording of “He Brought Joy,” with the Voices of Greater Faith.Blessed Speechless introduces Williams as a gospel soloist to a wider audience and portrays her in a variety of styles, though her warmer, traditional side is the most appealing. Perhaps that’s because the album is produced by Richard Gibbs, Sr. and GRAMMY Award nominee Kevin J. Yancy, neither of whom are strangers to traditional.Several tracks on Blessed Speechless merit mentioning. Williams sings passionately on “Without Christ,” written by Kevin and Marvin Yancy. This worship ballad grooves along with a Seventies retro-soul feel. The title track is a ballad of gratitude that benefits from fine piano work but could have done without the melodramatic synth backdrop. A gospelized version of Diane Warren’s “Because You Loved Me” finds Williams singing an almost note-for-note cover of Celine Dion’s recorded performance. Whereas “Because You Loved Me” is inspirational and hopeful, “Perfect Will,” rendered in a minor key, is a darker, haunting piece on Christ’s ultimate sacrifice and ideal for the minor-key tenor of Holy Week.“Yes to Your Will” and several interludes at the conclusion of Blessed Speechless are among the CD’s finest moments. Here, Williams sings portions of hymns and gospels in an introspective, prayerful mood, accompanied by piano and organ. One hopes that Williams will release an entire album in this fashion.Three of Five StarsPicks: “Without Christ,” “Because You Loved Me” Posted by Bob Marovich at 8:29 PM     3 comments: Anonymous said... This is an awesome CD! I love it! It is very uplifting and spiritual. Cynthia Williams has an amazing voice. 2:59 PM Anonymous said... Cynthia Williams is a wonderful artist. Her CD spreads a powerful message of love, hope and peace. May God continue to bless you in every way! And may you continue to generate that beautiful sound.Sheila Finley 11:06 AM Marillyn Barton said... This awesome CD is a blessing to me and my family. We are always reminded of God's Favor and how blessed we really are. We know that we are every thing we are because God loves us. Cynthia has allowed God to use her annointed voice for His Glory to spread the good news. I never get tired of listening to this powerful CD. I pray God's continual blessing on you Cynthia!Marilyn B 9:26 AM Post a Comment ” - Robert Marovich

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